Set the schedule parameters for an automated task

The scheduler enables you to set or modify schedule parameters for automated tasks based on:

To set schedule parameters

  1. Select and configure a task.

    See “To create a database checkpoint”.

    See “To create a database snapshot”.

    See “To clone a database using checkpoint”.

    See “To clone a database using snapshot”.

    After you configure the task, you must set the schedule parameters.

  2. To set a specific routine, click Specific Routine and set the parameters as required:

    • Start time

    • End time

    • Date for scheduled effects

    • Restart task option for run day

    • Days before repeating task

    • Start date

  3. To set weeks days, click Week Days and check the days you want the automated task to run.

  4. To set days of the month, click Days of Month and check the days you want the automated task to run.

  5. To include or exclude specific days, click Specific Dates and select the dates you want to include or exclude running the automated task. Use the right and left arrows as needed to adjust the Include dates and Exclude dates.

  6. When the scheduling information is complete, click Finish. The automated task is created.