Specifies an interval in seconds. When a resource has remained online for the designated interval (all monitor invocations during the interval reported online), any earlier faults or restart attempts of that resource are ignored. This attribute is used with ToleranceLimit to allow the monitor entry point to report offline several times before the resource is declared faulted. If monitor reports offline more often than the number set in ToleranceLimit, the resource is declared faulted. However, if the resource remains online for the interval designated in ConfInterval, any earlier reports of offline are not counted against ToleranceLimit.

The agent framework uses the values of MonitorInterval (MI), MonitorTimeout (MT), and ToleranceLimit (TL) to determine how low to set the value of ConfInterval. The agent framework ensures that ConfInterval (CI) cannot be less than that expressed by the following relationship:

(MI + MT) * TL + MI + 10

Lesser specified values of ConfInterval are ignored. For example, assume that the values are 60 for MI, 60 for MT, and 0 for TL. If you specify any value lower than 70 for CI, the agent framework ignores the specified value and sets the value to 70. However, you can successfully specify and set CI to any value over 70.

ConfInterval is also used with RestartLimit to prevent the engine from restarting the resource indefinitely. The engine attempts to restart the resource on the same system according to the number set in RestartLimit within ConfInterval before giving up and failing over. However, if the resource remains online for the interval designated in ConfInterval, earlier attempts to restart are not counted against RestartLimit. Default is 600 seconds.

The ConfInterval attribute value can be overridden.