RegList is a type level keylist attribute that can be used to store, or register, a list of certain resource level attributes. The agent calls the attr_changed entry point for a resource when the value of an attribute listed in RegList is modified. The RegList attribute is useful where a change in the values of important attributes require specific actions that can be executed from the attr_changed entry point.

By default, the attribute RegList is not included in a resource's type definition, but it can be added using either of the two methods shown below.

Assume the RegList attribute is added to the FileOnOff resource type definition and its value is defined as PathName. Thereafter, when the value of the PathName attribute for a FileOnOff resource is modified, the attr_changed entry point is called.

haattr -add -static resource_type RegList -keylist

hatype -modify resource_type RegList attribute_name

For example:

# haattr -add -static FileOnOff RegList -keylist

# hatype -modify FileOnOff RegList PathName

The RegList attribute cannot be overridden.