The SupportedActions (string-keylist) attribute lists all possible actions defined for an agent, including those defined by the agent developer. The engine validates the action_token value specified in the hares -action resource action_token command against the SupportedActions attribute. For example, if action_token is not present in SupportedActions, the engine will not allow the command to go through. It is the responsibility of the agent developer to initialize the SupportedActions attribute in the resource type definition and update the definition for each new action added to the action entry point code or script. This attribute serves as a reference for users of the command line or the graphical user interface.

See About the action entry point.

An example definition of a resource type in a VCS file may resemble:

Type DBResource (

static str ArgList[] = { Sid, Owner, Home, User, Pwork,

StartOpt, ShutOpt }

static keylist SupportedActions = { VRTS_GetRunningServices,

DBRestrict, DBUndoRestrict, DBSuspend, DBResume }

str Sid

str Owner

str Home

str User

str Pword

str StartOpt

str ShutOpt

In the SupportedActions attribute definition, VRTS_GetRunningServices is a Veritas predefined action, and the actions following it are defined by the developer. The SupportedActions attribute value cannot be overridden.