Installing the agent for DB2

Mount the disc and install the agent.

To install the agent on Linux systems

  1. Log on as superuser.

  2. Insert the software disc that contains the DB2 UDB agent software into the system's drive. The disc automatically mounts.

    If the disc does not automatically mount, enter:

    # mount -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
  3. Go to the following directory where the rpm is present:

    • On RHEL 4 or RHEL 5:

       # cd /mnt/cdrom/dist_arch/cluster_server_agents/db2_agent/rpms

      Where dist is rhel4 or rhel5 and arch is i686 or x86_64.

    • On SLES 9 or SLES 10:

       # cd /mnt/cdrom/disk_arch/cluster_server_agents/db2_agent/rpms

      Where dist is sles9 or sles10 and arch is i586 or x86_64.

  4. Install the DB2 UDB agent software:

    # rpm -i VRTSvcsdb-
  5. Verify that the package is installed, enter:

    # rpm -q VRTSvcsdb

    Where the output resembles: