Upgrading the operating system patch levels for VCS

VCS nodes can have different update levels for a specific RHEL or OEL version, or different service pack levels for a specific SLES version. Use the following procedure to upgrade the patch levels of an operating system on VCS nodes.

See Supported operating systems.

To upgrade the operating system patch levels on VCS nodes

  1. Switch the service groups from the node where you want to upgrade the patch level to a different node in the cluster.

    # hagrp -switch servicegroup -to nodename
  2. If you plan to upgrade the patch levels on more than one VCS node, repeat steps 3 to 7 on each of those nodes.

  3. Stop VCS.

    # hastop -local
  4. Stop VCS command server.

    # killall CmdServer
  5. Stop I/O fencing, GAB, and LLT.

    # /etc/init.d/vxfen stop
    # /etc/init.d/gab stop
    # /etc/init.d/llt stop
  6. Upgrade the patch level for the operating system to one of the supported patch levels.

  7. Reboot the upgraded node.

  8. Switch back the service groups to the upgraded node.