Info entry point

The Veritas Cluster Server agent for Oracle supports the Info entry point, which provides static and dynamic information about the state of the database.

To invoke the Info entry point, type the following command:

    # hares -value resource ResourceInfo [system]\
     [-clus cluster | -localclus]

The entry point retrieves the following static information:

  • Version

  • InstanceNo

  • InstanceName

  • DatabaseName

  • HostName

  • StartupTime

  • Parallel

  • Thread

  • InstanceRole

The entry point retrieves the following dynamic information:

  • InstanceStatus

  • Logins

  • OpenMode

  • LogMode

  • ShutdownPending

  • DatabaseStatus

  • Shared Pool Percent free

  • Buffer Hits Percent

You can add additional attributes by adding sql statements to the file /opt/VRTSagents/ha/bin/Oracle/resinfo.sql. For example:

select 'static:HostName:'||host_name from v$instance;
select 'dynamic:ShutdownPending:'||shutdown_pending from 

The format of the selected record must be as follows:


The variable attribute_type can take the value static and/or dynamic.