Netlsnr agent functions

The listener is a server process that listens to incoming client connection requests and manages traffic to the database. The Netlsnr agent brings the listener services online, monitors their status, and takes them offline.

Table: Netlsnr agent operations lists the Netlsnr agent operations.

Table: Netlsnr agent operations

Agent operation



Starts the listener process by using the following command:

lsnrctl start $LISTENER


Stops the listener process by using the following command:

lsnrctl stop $LISTENER

If the listener is configured with a password, the agent uses the password to stop the listener.


Verifies the status of the listener process.

The Netlsnr agent provides two levels of monitoring, basic and detail:

  • In the basic monitoring mode, the agent scans the process table for the tnslsnr process to verify that the listener process is running.

  • In the detail monitoring mode, the agent uses the lsnrctl status $LISTENER command to verify the status of the Listener process. (Default)


Scans the process table for tnslsnr $Listener and kills it.


Performs the predefined actions on a resource.

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