Administering I/O fencing

The I/O fencing feature provides the following utilities that is available through the VRTSvxfen package:


Tests hardware for I/O fencing 

See About the vxfentsthdw utility 


Configures and unconfigures I/O fencing 

Checks the list of coordinator disks used by the vxfen driver. 


Displays information on I/O fencing operations and manages SCSI-3 disk registrations and reservations for I/O fencing 

See About the vxfenadm utility 


Removes SCSI-3 registrations and reservations from disks 

See About the vxfenclearpre utility 


Replaces coordinator disks without stopping I/O fencing 

See About the vxfenswap utility 


Generates the list of paths of disks in the diskgroup. This utility requires that Veritas Volume Manager is installed and configured. 

Refer to the corresponding manual page for more information on the commands.