Mounting a file system

You can mount a VxFS file system by using the mount command. When you enter the mount command, the generic mount command parses the arguments and the -t FSType option executes the mount command specific to that file system type. If the -t option is not supplied, the command searches the file /etc/fstab for a file system and an FSType matching the special file or mount point provided. If no file system type is specified, mount uses the default file system.

To mount a file system


File system type.


Options common to most other file system types.


Options specific to VxFS.

-o ckpt=ckpt_name

Mounts a Storage Checkpoint.

-o cluster

Mounts a file system in shared mode. Available only with the VxFS cluster file system feature.


A VxFS block special device.


Directory on which to mount the file system.


Mounts the file system as read-only.