Assigning allocation policies

The following example shows how to assign allocation policies. The example volume set contains two volumes from different classes of storage.

To assign allocation policies

  1. List the volumes in the volume set:

      # vxvset -g rootdg list myvset
      vol1     0       102400    ACTIVE  -
      vol2     1       102400    ACTIVE  -
  2. Create a file system on the myvset volume set and mount it:

      # mkfs -t vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/myvset
      version 7 layout
      204800 sectors, 102400 blocks of size 1024,
      log size 1024 blocks
      largefiles supported
      # mount -t vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/myvset /mnt1
  3. Define two allocation policies called datapolicy and metadatapolicy to refer to the vol1 and vol2 volumes:

      # fsapadm define /mnt1 datapolicy vol1
      # fsapadm define /mnt1 metadatapolicy vol2
  4. Assign the policies at the file system level. The data policy must be specified before the metadata policy:

      # fsapadm assignfs /mnt1 datapolicy metadatapolicy
      # fsvoladm list /mnt1
      devid   size     used   avail   name
      0       51200    1250   49950   vol1
      1       51200    16     51184   vol2

    The assignment of the policies on a file system-wide basis ensures that any metadata allocated is stored on the device with the policy metadatapolicy (vol2) and all user data is be stored on vol1 with the associated datapolicy policy.