Aborting the reverse resychronization operation

Occasionally, you may need to stop the reverse resynchronization process after you have begun. You can only abort the reverse resynchronization process after you have completed the Begin operation and before performing a Commit operation.

To abort the reverse resynchronization operation

  1. Click the snapplan for which the reverse resynchronization was begun.

  2. Select one of the following methods to access the Reverse Resync wizard.

    Access the Reverse Resync Snapshot wizard.

    See Accessing FlashSnap tasks in the Java GUI.

    See Accessing database tasks in the Web GUI.

  3. Verify the Database name and snapplan information. These are read-only fields.

  4. Click Abort, then click Finish to abort the reverse resynchronization process.

  5. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to continue.

    The Abort option performs the following actions:

    • Unmounts the snapshot volumes.

    • Mounts the original volumes back with the file systems that are configured to use the volume.

    This action can only be performed after a "begin" action has been completed and cannot be used after a reverse resynchronization has been committed.

  6. If the abort action was successful, you will receive a confirmation message. Click

    Show details to see the actions completed. When you are through, click OK to continue.