Converting regular containers to Quick I/O Files

VERITAS Storage Foundation for DB2 provides an option to convert your regular datafiles to Quick I/O files to improve performance.


Files you want to convert must be regular containers on VxFS file systems or links that point to regular VxFS files.

Usage notes

Converting existing containers to be Quick I/O files may not be the optimal thing to do if these files are fragmented.

You can only convert DMS containers. This operation is not supported on SMS containers.


Quick I/O is not supported on Linux.

To convert DB2 containers to Quick I/O files

  1. Make the database inactive.

  2. Select the container in the GUI.

  3. Select the conversion option in the GUI to generate container statistics.

  4. At the prompt, click Yes to convert to a Quick I/O file.

  5. In the confirmation dialog, click OK to view the information.