Shutting down a DB2 instance

The GUI enables you to shut down a DB2 instance. For example, you must shut down the database to perform a Storage Rollback of an entire database.

To shut down a DB2 instance

  1. Access the DB2 Shutdown Instance wizard.

    See “To access DB2 database wizards in the Java GUI”.

    See Accessing database management tasks in the Web GUI.

  2. Verify the DB2 instance information, such as the instance name, home directory, and instance owner. Then, click Next to continue.

  3. Verify your UNIX user name, then enter your password in the Password field.

  4. In the dialog box, select the type of shutdown you want to perform:

    • Normal

      Use this option to shut down the DB2 instance in normal situations. If you shut down using this option, no new instance connections are allowed. DB2 waits for all currently connected users to disconnect from the instance, and then closes and dismounts the database before shutting down the instance. The next instance start up does not require an instance recovery.

    • Force

      Use this option to forcibly shut down the DB2 database when there are existing connections to the database. When this operation is selected, no new database connections are allowed. DB2 immediately terminates all sessions and shuts down the database. The next database startup may require an instance recovery.

  5. Click Shutdown instance at the bottom of the screen.

  6. At the confirmation prompt, click Yesto confirm that you want to shut down the instance.

    If the instance was successfully shut down, you will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to continue.