Confirming the setup of DB2 MPP and non-MPP installations

On the host where the shared file system is mounted, check whether you can start and stop each instance. Do this procedure to verify the DB2 installation.

To check if a DB2 instance can start and stop

  1. Log on as the instance owner:

    # su - db2inst1
  2. Attempt to start the instance:

    $ db2start

    DB2 should start on the partitions in the db2nodes.cfg file. If DB2 does not start, check the error codes.

  3. Assuming that the previous command is successful, stop the instance:

    $ db2stop
  4. If the application does not stop correctly on each node, check for configuration errors. Review the DB2 UDB documentation for error codes.

  5. Create a database.

    $ db2 create database dbname
  6. List the database directory

    $ db2 list database directory

To check the rest of the DB2 configuration in the cluster

  1. For each node in the VCS cluster, import the disk group and start all the volumes in the disk group.

  2. Mount the file system for the volume that contains the DB2 instance and database.

  3. Unmount and deport the disk group.

  4. Repeat this procedure for each node in the cluster.