Disabling the agent for DB2

To disable the agent on a system, you must first change the DB2 service group to an OFFLINE state. You can stop the application completely, or switch the service group to another system.

To disable the agent

  1. Determine if the service group is online. At the prompt, type:

    # hagrp -state service_group -sys system_name
  2. If the service group is online, take it offline. At the prompt, type:

    # hagrp -switch service_group -to system_name


    # hagrp -offline service_group -sys system_name
  3. Stop the agent on the system. At the prompt, type:

    # haagent -stop DB2 -sys system_name
  4. When you get the message "Please look for messages in the log file," check the file /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log for a message confirming the agent has stopped.

    You can also use the ps command to verify that the agent has stopped.

  5. When the agent has stopped, you can remove the system, the service group, or the resource type from the VCS configuration.

    For more information, see the chapter on reconfiguring VCS from the command line in:

    Veritas Cluster Server Users Guide.