Defining attributes as local

Localizing an attribute means that the attribute has a per-system value for each system listed in the group's SystemList. These attributes are localized on a per-resource basis. For example, to localize the attribute attribute_name for resource only, type:

# hares -local resource attribute_name

Note that global attributes cannot be modified with the hares -local command. The following table lists the commands to be used to localize attributes depending on their dimension.

Making VCS attributes local


Task and Command


Replace a value: 

-modify [object] attribute_name value [-sys system] 


  • Replace list of values:

    -modify [object] attribute_name value [-sys system]

  • Add list of values to existing list:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -add value [-sys system]

  • Update list with user-supplied values:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -update entry_value ... [-sys system]

  • Delete user-supplied values in list (if the list has multiple occurrences of the same value, then all the occurrences of the value is deleted):

    -modify [object] attribute_name -delete -key ... [-sys system]

  • Delete all values in list:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -delete -keys [-sys system]


  • Replace list of keys (duplicate keys not allowed):

    -modify [object] attribute_name value ... [-sys system]

  • Add keys to list (duplicate keys not allowed):

    -modify [object] attribute_name -add value ... [-sys system]

  • Delete user-supplied keys from list:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -delete key ... [-sys system]

  • Delete all keys from list:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -delete -keys [-sys system]


  • Replace list of key-value pairs (duplicate keys not allowed):

    -modify [object] attribute_name value ... [-sys system]

  • Add user-supplied list of key-value pairs to existing list (duplicate keys not allowed):

    -modify [object] attribute_name -add value ...[-sys system]

  • Replace value of each key with user-supplied value:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -update key value ... [-sys system]

  • Delete a key-value pair identified by user-supplied key:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -delete key ... [-sys system]

  • Delete all key-value pairs from association:

    -modify [object] attribute_name -delete -keys [-sys system]

    Note   If multiple values are specified and if one is invalid, VCS returns an error for the invalid value, but continues to process the others. In the following example, if sysb is part of the attribute SystemList, but sysa is not, sysb is deleted and an error message is sent to the log regarding sysa.

    hagrp -modify group1 SystemList -delete sysa sysb [-sys system]