Global tunable parameter table

The file /etc/vx/vxfssystem contains VxFS global tuning parameters and is the file used to alter their value. Without this file present, the default values cannot be changed. The global tuning parameters are not the same as the single file system tunables which you can change using the vxtunefs command. vx_vmm_buf_count is an exception as it can be changed by vxtunefs when no VxFS file system is mounted.

An entry in the /etc/vx/vxfssystem file has two fields separated by a tab or space. The first field is the parameter name, the second field is a decimal positive or negative value for the parameter. There can be multiple entries in the file for the same parameter, but the last entry is the only one used. Comment lines must begin with a pound character (#).

The vxkextadm utility loads the values for the tunables specified in /etc/vx/vxfssystem when loading the VxFS kernel extension. If the file contains an invalid entry, vxkextadm rejects the file and does not apply any of the tunable values.