Enabling a disk

If you move a disk from one system to another during normal system operation, VxVM does not recognize the disk automatically. The enable disk task enables VxVM to identify the disk and to determine if this disk is part of a disk group. Also, this task re-enables access to a disk that was disabled by either the disk group deport task or the disk device disable (offline) task.

To enable a disk

  1. Select Enable (online) a disk device from the vxdiskadm main menu.

  2. At the following prompt, enter the device name of the disk to be enabled (or enter list for a list of devices):

    Select a disk device to enable [<address>,list,q,?]

    vxdiskadm enables the specified device.

  3. At the following prompt, indicate whether you want to enable another device (y) or return to the vxdiskadm main menu (n):

    Enable another device? [y,n,q,?] (default: n)