Displaying information about controllers

The following command lists attributes of all HBA controllers on the system:

# vxdmpadm listctlr all
scsi1           OTHER              ENABLED       other0
scsi2           X1                 ENABLED       jbod0
scsi3           ACME               ENABLED       enc0
scsi4           ACME               ENABLED       enc0

This output shows that the controller scsi1 is connected to disks that are not in any recognized DMP category as the enclosure type is OTHER.

The other controllers are connected to disks that are in recognized DMP categories.

All the controllers are in the ENABLED state which indicates that they are available for I/O operations.

The state DISABLED is used to indicate that controllers are unavailable for I/O operations. The unavailability can be due to a hardware failure or due to I/O operations being disabled on that controller by using the vxdmpadm disable command.

The following forms of the command lists controllers belonging to a specified enclosure or enclosure type:

# vxdmpadm listctlr enclosure=enc0


# vxdmpadm listctlr type=ACME
scsi2             ACME                ENABLED      enc0
scsi3             ACME                ENABLED      enc0

The vxdmpadm getctlr command displays HBA vendor details and the Controller ID. For iSCSI devices, the Controller ID is the IQN or IEEE-format based name. For FC devices, the Controller ID is the WWN. Because the WWN is obtained from ESD, this field is blank if ESD is not running. ESD is a daemon process used to notify DDL about occurance of events. The WWN shown as 'Controller ID' maps to the WWN of the HBA port associated with the host controller.

# vxdmpadm getctlr fscsi2
fscsi2    20-60-01    IBM       10:00:00:00:c9:2d:26:11