Recovering from storage failure

If storage fails at a site, the plexes that are configured on that storage are detached locally if a site-consistent volume still has other mirrors available at the site. The hot-relocation feature of VxVM will attempt to recreate the failed plexes on other available storage in the disk group. If no plexes of a site-consistent volume remain in operation at a site, and hot-relocation cannot recreate the plexes at that site, the site is detached. Because site connectivity has not been lost, applications running on hosts at the site can still access data at the other sites.

When the storage comes back online, the vxattachd reattaches the site automatically.

See Automatic site reattachment.

If the vxattachd is not running, use the following commands to reattach a site and recover the disk group:

# vxdg -g diskgroup reattachsite sitename
# vxrecover -g diskgroup

For more information about recovering a disk group, refer to the Veritas Volume Manager Troubleshooting Guide.