vxconfigbackupd (1M)


vxconfigbackupd - disk group configuration backup daemon


vxconfigbackupd [-l]


The vxconfigbackupd daemon automatically backs up information about a disk group’s new configuration whenever the configuration is changed.


-l Logs backup daemon activities to the file /etc/vx/cbr/bkdaemonLog.


  Startup file for vxconfigbackupd.
  Location of backup file for disk group information.
  Location of backup file for disk attributes.
  Location of backup file for binary configuration copy.
  Location of backup file for configuration records in vxprint -m format.


The vxconfigbackup command can be used to back up a disk group’s configuration manually at any desired time.

The disk group configuration backup and restore utilities do not save any data in the public region. This includes file system or other application data that is configured within VxVM objects.

When a disk group is destroyed, its configuration backup information (including the backup directory) is also removed. The only exception to this behavior is when the disk group is in the precommit state of restoration.

The backup directory should be large enough to accommodate copies of all the currently imported disk groups. The minimum recommended size of the backup directory is P * (N + 1) megabytes, where P is the private region in megabytes (by default, 32MB), and N is the number of disk groups. The additional P megabytes is required to hold a temporary copy of the disk group configuration when a disk group is imported or a configuration change is made.

The default backup directory is /etc/vx/cbr/bk. The location of the backup directory can be configured by using the vxconfigbackup -l backup_directory_path command.


vxconfigbackup(1M), vxconfigrestore(1M)

VxVM 5.0 vxconfigbackupd (1M)