Veritas Cluster Server architecture

The High Availability Daemon (HAD) is the main VCS daemon running on each node. HAD tracks changes in the cluster configuration and monitors resource status by communicating with GAB and LLT. HAD manages all application services using agents, which are installed programs to manage resources (specific hardware or software entities).

The VCS architecture is modular for extensibility and efficiency. HAD does not need to know how to start up Oracle or any other application under VCS control.

Instead, you can add agents to manage different resources with no effect on the engine (HAD). Agents only communicate with HAD on the local node, and HAD communicates status with HAD processes on other nodes. Because agents do not need to communicate across systems, VCS is able to minimize traffic on the cluster interconnect.

SFCFS for Oracle RAC provides specific agents for VCS to manage CVM and SFCFS.