Performance Mode (PM)

Requires more IP addresses than ICM, but provides faster failover. You do not have to spend time enabling and disabling base IP addresses and reinstating lost routes, thus no resultant service disruption occurs.


The MultiNICA agent controls each NIC, and each NIC must have a unique base IP address. The base IP address cannot appear on any other NIC on the same node or any other node. The base IP address of all the devices in a single MultiNICA resource must belong to the same subnet in the configuration.

When you configure a single NIC under a MultiNICA resource, the MultiNICA agent uses PM. The base IP addresses have to be enabled on each NIC under MultiNICA control. The addresses need to be enabled before starting VCS and handing over the management of the NICs to the agent.


The agent uses this mode when all NICs under the MultiNICA agent have separate base IP addresses specified. The mode requires that you enable the base IP addresses before starting VCS. When a NIC goes down, the agent migrates only virtual IP addresses.

In this mode, you can set the Failback attribute to 1 or 0: