Completing the VCS configuration

After you enter the VCS configuration information, the installer prompts to stop the VCS processes to complete the configuration process. The installer continues to create configuration files and copies them to each system. The installer also configures a cluster UUID value for the cluster at the end of the configuration. After the installer successfully configures VCS, it restarts VCS.

If you chose to configure the cluster in secure mode, the installer then does the following before it starts VCS in secure mode:

To complete the VCS configuration

  1. Press Enter at the following prompt.

    Do you want to stop VCS processes now? [y,n,q,?] (y)
  2. Review the output as the installer stops various processes and performs the configuration. The installer then restarts VCS.

  3. Enter y at the prompt to send the installation information to Symantec.

    Would you like to send the information about this installation
    to Symantec to help improve installation in the future? [y,n,q,?] (y) y
  4. After the installer configures VCS successfully, note the location of summary, log, and response files that installer creates.

    The files provide the useful information that can assist you with the configuration and can also assist future configurations.

    summary file

    Describes the cluster and its configured resources.

    log file

    Details the entire configuration.

    response file

    Contains the configuration information that can be used to perform secure or unattended installations on other systems.

    See Configuring VCS using response files.