About quota commands


The quotacheck command is an exception - VxFS does not support an equivalent command.

See About quota checking with Veritas File System.

Quota support for various file systems is implemented using the generic code provided by the Linux kernel. However, VxFS does not use this generic interface. VxFS instead supports a similar set of commands that work only for VxFS file systems.

VxFS supports the following quota-related commands:


Edits quota limits for users and groups. The limit changes made by vxedquota are reflected both in the internal quotas file and the external quotas file.


Provides a summary of quotas and disk usage.


Provides file ownership and usage summaries.


Views quota limits and usage.


Turns quotas on for a mounted VxFS file system.


Turns quotas off for a mounted VxFS file system.

In addition to these commands, the VxFS mount command supports a special mount option (-o quota|userquota|groupquota), which can be used to turn on quotas at mount time. You can also selectively enable or disable user or group quotas on a VxFS file system during remount or on a mounted file system.

For additional information on the quota commands, see the corresponding manual pages.


When VxFS file systems are exported via NFS, the VxFS quota commands on the NFS client cannot query or edit quotas. You can use the VxFS quota commands on the server to query or edit quotas.