VxFS Version 5 disk layout

VxFS disk layout Version 5 is similar to Version 4. Structural files in Version 5 are the same in Version 4. However, the Version 5 disk layout supports file systems up to 32 terabytes. For a file system to take advantage of VxFS 32-terabyte support, it must be created on a Veritas Volume Manager volume, and only on a 64-bit kernel operating system. The maximum file system size on a 32-bit kernel is still one terabyte. File sizes can be a maximum of 4 billion file system blocks. For 64-bit kernels, the maximum size of the file system you can create depends on the block size:

Block Size

Maximum File System Size

1024 bytes

4,294,967,039 sectors (≈4 TB)

2048 bytes

8,589,934,078 sectors (≈8 TB)

4096 bytes

17,179,868,156 sectors (≈16 TB)

8192 bytes

34,359,736,312 sectors (≈32 TB)

If you specify the file system size when creating a file system, the block size defaults to the appropriate value as shown above.

See the mkfs(1M) manual page.

The Version 5 disk layout also supports group quotas. Quota limits cannot exceed one terabyte.

See About quota files on Veritas File System.

Some UNIX commands may not work correctly on file systems larger than one terabyte.

See Using UNIX Commands on File Systems Larger than One TB.