About quota limits

Veritas File System (VxFS) supports user and group quotas. The quota system limits the use of two principal resources of a file system: files and data blocks. For each of these resources, you can assign quotas to individual users and groups to limit their usage.

You can set the following kinds of limits for each of the two resources:

hard limit

An absolute limit that cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

soft limit

Must be lower than the hard limit, and can be exceeded, but only for a limited time. The time limit can be configured on a per-file system basis only. The VxFS default limit is seven days.

Soft limits are typically used when a user must run an application that could generate large temporary files. In this case, you can allow the user to exceed the quota limit for a limited time. No allocations are allowed after the expiration of the time limit. Use the vxedquota command to set limits.

See Using quotas.

Although file and data block limits can be set individually for each user and group, the time limits apply to the file system as a whole. The quota limit information is associated with user and group IDs and is stored in a user or group quota file.

See About quota files on Veritas File System.

The quota soft limit can be exceeded when VxFS preallocates space to a file.

See About extent attributes.