Accessing regular VxFS files through symbolic links

One way to use Quick I/O is to create a symbolic link for each file in your database and use the symbolic link to access the regular files as Quick I/O files. Any database or application can then access the file as a raw character device.

See the Veritas Editions product documentation.

The following example creates a 100 MB Quick I/O file named dbfile on the VxFS file system /database that can be accessed through a symbolic link.

To access a file through a symbolic link

  1. Go to the /database file system:

      $ cd /database
  2. Create a 100 MB Quick I/O file named dbfile:

      $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/database/.dbfile bs=128k count=800

    The dd command preallocates the file space.

  3. Create a symbolic link to dbfile:

      $ ln -s .dbfile::cdev:vxfs: /database/dbfile