Using Quick I/O with Oracle databases

The following example shows how a file can be used by an Oracle database to create a tablespace. This command would be run by the Oracle DBA, typically user ID oracle. Oracle requires additional space for one Oracle header size. In the following example, although 100 MB was allocated to /database/dbfile, the Oracle database can use only up to 100 MB minus the Oracle parameter db_block_size.

To create a tablespace with an Oracle database

  1. Create the file dbfile and preallocate 100 MB for the file:

      # qiomkfile -h headersize -s 100m /database/dbfile
  2. Start the Oracle database:

      # sqlplus /nolog
  3. Create the tablespace:

      SQL> connect / as sysdba
      SQL> create tablespace ts1 datafile '/database/dbfile' size 99M;
      SQL> exit;