Increasing database performance using Quick I/O

Perform the following steps to increase database performance on a VxFS file system using Quick I/O.

See the Veritas Editions product documentation.

See the qioadmin(1) and vxtunefs(1M) manual pages.

To increase database performance

  1. Verify that the Quick I/O module is loaded.

      # modinfo | grep fdd
  2. You can add the following line to the file /etc/system to load Quick I/O whenever the system reboots.

      forceload: drv/fdd
  3. Create a regular VxFS file and preallocate it to the required size, or use the qiomkfile command. The size of this preallocation depends on the size requirement of the database server.

  4. Create and access the database using the file name xxx::cdev:vxfs:.