Converting Quick I/O files to Oracle Disk Manager files

If you plan to run the Veritas product with Oracle10g or later, and you have been using Quick I/O files, Symantec recommends that you convert your Quick I/O files to regular files. This should be done after you upgrade.


If you are running an earlier version of Oracle (Oracle 8.x or lower), you should not convert your Quick I/O files because Oracle Disk Manager is for Oracle10g or later only.

The Oracle Disk Manager uses the Quick I/O driver to perform asynchronous I/O, do not turn off the Quick I/O mount option, which is the default.

To convert Quick I/O files to Oracle Disk Manager files

  1. As Oracle DBA, run qio_getdbfiles to retrieve a list of all datafiles.

    $ /opt/VRTS/bin/qio_getdbfiles -T ora -a

    The list is compiled in a file named mkqio.dat.

  2. Shutdown the database.

  3. As Oracle DBA, run qio_convertdbfiles in the directory containing the mkqio.dat file. The qio_convertdbfiles script converts all Quick I/O files to ODM files.

    $ /opt/VRTS/bin/qio_convertdbfiles -T ora -u
  4. Restart the database instance.