Version 0 DCO volume layout

In earlier releases of VxVM, the DCO object only managed information about the FastResync maps. These maps track writes to the original volume and to each of up to 32 snapshot volumes since the last snapshot operation. Each plex of the DCO volume on disk holds 33 maps, each of which is 4 blocks in size by default.

Persistent FastResync uses the maps in a version 0 DCO volume on disk to implement change tracking. As for non-persistent FastResync, each bit in the map represents a region (a contiguous number of blocks) in a volume's address space. The size of each map can be changed by specifying the dcolen attribute to the vxassist command when the volume is created. The default value of dcolen is 132 512-byte blocks (the plex contains 33 maps, each of length 4 blocks). To use a larger map size, multiply the desired map size by 33 to calculate the value of dcolen that you need to specify. For example, to use an 8-block map, you would specify dcolen=264. The maximum possible map size is 64 blocks, which corresponds to a dcolen value of 2112 blocks.

The size of a DCO plex is rounded up to the nearest integer multiple of the disk group alignment value. The alignment value is 8KB for disk groups that support the Cross-platform Data Sharing (CDS) feature. Otherwise, the alignment value is 1 block.

Only traditional (third-mirror) volume snapshots that are administered using the vxassist command are supported for the version 0 DCO volume layout. Full-sized and space-optimized instant snapshots are not supported.