Changing the disk-naming scheme

You can either use enclosure-based naming for disks or the operating system's naming scheme. VxVM commands display device names according the current naming scheme.

The default naming scheme is enclosure-based naming (EBN). When you install or upgrade a Storage Foundation product, the naming scheme is set to enclosure-based naming, with the following exception. If you explicitly set the naming scheme for an existing installation to operating system-based naming, the setting is preserved when you upgrade. That is, if you used the vxddladm set namingscheme=osn command for the existing installation, the upgraded 5.1 product retains the operating system-based naming.


Devices with very long device names (longer than 31 characters) are represented by enclosure-based names regardless of the naming scheme. If the OS-based names include WWN identifiers, the device name displays with the WWN identifier as long as the device name is less than 31 characters. If any device name is longer than 31 characters, that device name displays with an enclosure name.

To change the disk-naming scheme

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