About the Array Volume Identifier (AVID) attribute

DMP assigns enclosure-based names to DMP meta-devices using an array-specific attribute called the Array Volume ID (AVID). The AVID provides a unique identifier for the LUN that is provided by the array. The ASL corresponding to the array provides the AVID property. Within an array enclosure, DMP uses the Array Volume Identifier (AVID) as an index in the DMP metanode name. The DMP metanode name is in the format enclosureID_AVID.

The VxVM utilities such as vxdisk list display the DMP metanode name, which includes the AVID property. Use the AVID to correlate the DMP metanode name to the LUN displayed in the array management interface (GUI or CLI) .

If the ASL does not provide the array volume ID property, then DMP generates an index number. DMP sorts the devices seen from an array by the LUN serial number and then assigns the index number. In this case, the DMP metanode name is in the format enclosureID_index.

In a cluster environment, the DMP device names are the same across all nodes in the cluster.

For example, on an EMC CX array where the enclosure is emc_clariion0 and the array volume ID provided by the ASL is 91, the DMP metanode name is emc_clariion0_91. The following sample output shows the DMP metanode names:

$ vxdisk list
emc_clariion0_91  auto:cdsdisk  emc_clariion0_91   dg1  online shared
emc_clariion0_92  auto:cdsdisk  emc_clariion0_92   dg1  online shared
emc_clariion0_93  auto:cdsdisk  emc_clariion0_93   dg1  online shared
emc_clariion0_282 auto:cdsdisk  emc_clariion0_282  dg1  online shared
emc_clariion0_283 auto:cdsdisk  emc_clariion0_283  dg1  online shared
emc_clariion0_284 auto:cdsdisk  emc_clariion0_284  dg1  online shared