Working with ISP disk groups

The Intelligent Storage Provisioning (ISP) feature is supported up to 5.0 MP3 and has been deprecated from the VxVM 5.1 release. If you have any ISP disk groups, they can be imported using the following command:

# vxdg import ISP_diskgroup

To find out whether the disk group is an ISP disk group. You must check for the presence of storage pools using the following command:

# vxprint

Sample output:

Disk group: mydg

dg mydg      mydg         -       -       -      ALLOC_SUP -      -

dm mydg2     ams_wms0_359 -       4120320 -      -         -      -
dm mydg3     ams_wms0_360 -       4120320 -      -         -      -

st mypool    -            -       -       -      DATA      -      -
dm mydg1     ams_wms0_358 -       4120320 -      -         -      -

v  myvol0    fsgen        ENABLED 20480   -      ACTIVE    -      -
pl myvol0-01 myvol0       ENABLED 20480   -      ACTIVE    -      -
sd mydg1-01  myvol0-01    ENABLED 20480   0      -         -      -

v  myvol1    fsgen        ENABLED 20480   -      ACTIVE    -      -
pl myvol1-01 myvol1       ENABLED 20480   -      ACTIVE    -      -
sd mydg1-02  myvol1-01    ENABLED 20480   0      -         -      -

In the sample output , st mypool indicates that mydg is an ISP disk group.

The ISP volumes in the disk group are not allowed to make any configuration changes until it has been upgraded. Attempting any operations such as grow shrink, add mirror, disk group split join, etc, on ISP volumes would give the following error:

This disk group is a ISP disk group. Dg needs to be migrated to
non-ISP dg to allow any configuration changes. Please upgrade 
the dg to perform the migration.


Non-ISP or VxVM volumes in the ISP disk group are not affected.

The disk group can be upgraded using the following command:

# vxdg upgrade ISP_diskgroup

After upgrading ISP disk group, all ISP volumes are converted to non-ISP volumes and ISP-only objects are deleted. The ISP-only objects are st pool, volume template, capability, rules, etc. This operation does not affect non - ISP volumes.

Operations that still work on ISP disk group without upgrading:


By upgrading ISP disk group, all intent and storage pools information will be lost. The disk group should be upgraded only when this condition is acceptable.