About installing Oracle RAC

You can install Oracle RAC on shared storage or locally on each node.

Use one of the following ways to install Oracle RAC:

SF Oracle RAC installer

The SF Oracle RAC installer starts the installation process and prompts for information that is required by the Oracle Universal Installer. The Oracle Universal Installer launches with these installation values pre-filled and installs Oracle RAC.

You need to invoke the SF Oracle RAC installer to start the installation.

Oracle Universal Installer

The Oracle Universal Installer installs Oracle RAC. The installation values must be manually entered at the time of installation.

You need to invoke the Oracle Universal Installer to install Oracle RAC.

Response files

The SF Oracle RAC installer supports silent installation of Oracle RAC using its own response files. You need to modify the SF Oracle RAC response files to include the path information of the Oracle RAC software binaries and the Oracle RAC response files.

For more information and instructions:

See About response files.

For instructions, see the chapter "Installing Oracle RAC using a response file" in this document.

Before you start the installation, review the Oracle installation manuals and the appropriate Oracle support websites for additional information required during the installation.