About SmartMove for VVR

The SmartMove for VVR feature enables VVR to leverage information from VxFS knowledge of the file system blocks in use to optimize the time and network bandwidth required for initial synchronization of replicated volumes. This feature is available when the volume being synchronized uses either full synchronization or difference-based synchronization and it requires a VxFS file system to be mounted on top of it. The default behavior is to use SmartMove for VVR feature for initial synchronization.


SmartMove is only supported for full synchronization with checkpoint (vradmin -full -c checkpoint syncrvg) and difference-based synchronization with checkpoint (vradmin -c checkpoint syncrvg). SmartMove is not supported with automatic synchronization (autosync).

To turn off SmartMove for VVR

The vradmin verifydata command has also been enhanced to leverage VxFS knowledge of file system blocks in use for verification.