gabport (1M)


gabport - Utility to configure and display information about Group and Atomic Broadcast (GAB) ports


gabport -p port [-h timeout ]


The gabport utility displays GAB port information or changes the heartbeat timeout value of a user client process on a GAB port. In normal operation, a GAB client process should heartbeat to GAB at a certain interval. GAB uses this mechanism to monitor the aliveness of a GAB user client process. If a client process does not heartbeat in the predefined timeout period, GAB kills the client. As a result, the port is closed.


-p port The port to query or change the timeout value. port is specified as GAB port names a-z.
-h timeout Specify a heartbeat timeout value(in milliseconds) for a client process. The heartbeat statistics are reset by this command.
-d Display port membership. If the port is used by a user client, it also displays the client process heartbeat statistics.


1) Display information about a port used by a user client

Port h Information: ======================================================== Flags: 0xe00 Membership: gab01 gab02 gab04 heartbeat timeout: 15000 (msec) heartbeat warn interval: 1000 (msec) heartbeat statistics: 0 ~ 3000 (msec): 4177 3000 ~ 6000 (msec): 0 6000 ~ 9000 (msec): 0 9000 ~ 12000 (msec): 0 12000 ~ 15000 (msec): 0

2) Change the client process timeout value to 16 seconds

Port h new heartbeat timeout: 16000 msecs


gabconfig (1M), gabdisk (1M) gabport (1M)