haagent - administer agents and processes that manage VCS resources


haagent -start agent -sys system

haagent -stop agent [-force] -sys system                

haagent -display [agent(s)] [-attribute attribute(s)]

haagent -dumpffdc agent -sys system

haagent -list [conditional(s)]

haagent -value agent                    attr

haagent [-help [-list]]




The haagent command starts, stops, displays, and lists VCS agents. See NOTES for how to specify "-" and "%" characters in the command line.


-start agent -sys system
  Manually start an agent on the specified system. This is required only if the agent is stopped. Otherwise, VCS automatically starts agents.
-stop agent [-force] -sys system
  Manually stop an agent on the specified system. Use the -force option to specify that the service groups continue to run.

The -force option stops the agent even if the resources for the agent are online. You can use the -force option when you want to upgrade an agent without taking its resources offline.

-display [agent(s)] [-attribute attribute(s)]
  Display information about all agents or about a specified agent. Use the -attribute option to display an agent attribute. The command displays agent information for the local system if a system is not specified.
-dumpffdc agent -sys system

The agent dumps the First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) logs for the specified agent to the /var/VRTSvcs/diag/agents/type folder on the specified system.

If the agent encountered some problem and if the debug logging was not turned on, these FFDC logs can be used for root-cause analysis.

-list [conditional(s)]
  Displays a list of agents whose values match given conditional statement(s). Conditional statements can take three forms: Attribute=Value, Attribute!=Value, Attribute=~Value. Multiple conditional statements imply AND logic. If no conditional statement is specified, all agents in the cluster are listed.
-value agent attr
  The -value option provides the value of a single agent attribute. For example, "hatype -value Mount Running" displays the value of the Running attribute for the Mount agent. The -value option is used instead of the -display option when one specific attribute value is needed rather than a table of many attribute values.
[-help [-list]]
  Displays information about using haagent. The -list option provides list specific help.


To start the Mount agent on system SysA, enter the following command:

To stop the Mount agent without stopping the Mount resources on system SysB, enter the following command:


The -start and -stop options enable you to debug custom agents without having to start and stop VCS.

When using the command to specify or modify an attribute’s value that begins with a dash ("-"), precede the value with a percent sign ("%"). For example, specify -y as %-y. Likewise, precede a value that starts with a percent sign with another percent sign.


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