llthosts (4)


llthosts - LLT host name database




/etc/llhosts is a text file which acts as a database to associate the names of LLT hosts with their LLT systemids. Programs use library interfaces to access information in the llthosts file.

The llthosts file has one entry for each system in a cluster. The format of each line is:

LLT_system_id LLT_system_name

Items are separated by any number of SPACE and/or TAB characters. The first item on a line is the systemid. The second entry is the system’s symbolic name. This name does not have to match any other name used to identify a system; it is for LLT purposes only. Note that lltconfig(1M) truncates the system name at the first dot (.) if it is read from a file such as /etc/systemname. Thus, it is recommended that LLT systemnames be relatively simple and contain no dot (.) characters.


The following example shows a typical /etc/llthosts file:

1 system1
2 system2
3 system3
4 system4


When LLT and GAB are running under a cluster manager other than VCS, configure LLT and GAB as per the cluster manager’s supplementary documentation on LLT and GAB.


/etc/llthosts   LLT host name database file


lltconfig(1M), lltgethostbyname(3N)

VCS 5.1 SP1 llthosts (4)