vxquota (1M)


vxquota - display disk quotas and usage on a VxFS file system


vxquota [ -v] [ username]

vxquota [ -v] [ -g groupname]

vxquota [ -v] [ -u username]




vxquota displays VxFS disk and usage limits for the specified users and groups. Any user can specify the username argument to view its own limits, or the groupname argument to view the limits of a group to which the user belongs. Only a privileged user can specify the username or groupname argument to view limits of other users or groups.

vxquota without options displays only warnings if the usage is above quota limits for mounted VxFS file systems.

username can be the numeric UID of a user.

Cluster File System Issues

This command operates the same on cluster file systems, however, to enable quotas for CFS, the quotas file must be on the same file system; links to another file system are not allowed.


-g Displays group quotas and usage.
-u Displays user quotas and usage.
-v Displays the user’s quotas on all mounted VxFS file systems where quotas exist.


vxquota does not report quotas for NFS mounted VxFS file systems.


/etc/filesystems File system characteristics.
quotas The user quotas file in the file system root directory.
quotas.grp The group quotas file in the file system root directory.


filesystems, vxedquota(1M), vxquotaon(1M), vxrepquota(1M)

VxFS 5.1 SP1 vxquota (1M)