vxfs_ap_enforce_ckptchain (3)


vxfs_ap_enforce_ckptchain - enforce the allocation policy for all of the Storage Checkpoints of a VxFS file system.


For 32-bit applications:

cc -I /opt/VRTS/include -L /opt/VRTS/lib

-l vxfsutil -ldl

For 64-bit applications:

cc -I /opt/VRTS/include -L /opt/VRTS/lib/64

-l vxfsutil -ldld

For both applications:

#include <sys/types.h>

#include <vxfsutil.h>

int vxfs_ap_enforce_ckptchain(int fd, char *datapol, char *metapol uint64_t flags);




The vxfs_ap_enforce_ckptchain() function enforces an allocation policy for all of the Storage Checkpoints of a file system specified by fd. The fd argument can be the file descriptor of any file that belongs to the file system. The Storage Checkpoints do not need to be mounted for this operation. This operation iterates over each inode in each Storage Checkpoint in the chain and enforces the Storage Checkpoints’ assigned allocation policies.

The datapol and metapol arguments are currently unused.

Possible values for flags are:

  Additional data and metadata may be moved to improve the allocation properties of the file with respect to the policy.


This function is supported only on Version 6 and later disk layouts. This API supports file system versions 6.0 and above.


vxfs_ap_enforce_ckptchain() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


EINVAL The policy name contains invalid characters.
EIO An I/O error occurred during the operation.
ENOSPC There was not enough space in the devices specified in the policies to hold all of the blocks for all of the files in the Storage Checkpoint.
ENOLIC There is no license installed to allow this operation.
EPERM The effective user ID of the calling process does not have appropriate privileges to perform this operation.
EROFS The specified file system is mounted read-only.


vxfs_ap_assign_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_enforce_file(3)

VxFS 5.1 SP1 vxfs_ap_enforce_ckptchain (3)