vxfs_vol_enumerate (3)


vxfs_vol_enumerate - return information about the volumes within a multi-volume file system


cc -I /opt/VRTS/include -L /opt/VRTS/lib
-l vxfsutil -ldl

#include <sys/types.h>

#include <vxfsutil.h>

int vxfs_vol_enumerate(int fd, int *countp, struct fsdev_info *infop);




vxfs_vol_enumerate() fills in the array of fsdev_info structures with information on the component volumes in a file system.

The file descriptor fd must be the mount point of the file system. Upon entry, *countp must contain the number of structures in the array pointed to by infop. On return, *countp is updated with the number of records that were filled in. If the error E2BIG is returned, *countp contains the minimum number of records necessary for the call to succeed.


vxfs_vol_enumerate() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


E2BIG The amount of data to return is too large to fit in the specified array.
EINVAL The number of structures specified by fname is not correct.
ENOENT The specified array does not exist.
ENOMEM Memory could not be allocated to support the API.
ENOTSUP This operation is not supported by the disk layout version of the specified file system. Use vxupgrade(1m) to enable this operation.
ERANGE The result was too large.


vxfs_ap_assign_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_assign_file(3), vxfs_ap_assign_fs(3), vxfs_ap_define(3), vxfs_ap_remove(3), vxfs_ap_enforce_file(3), vxfs_ap_enumerate(3), vxfs_ap_query(3), vxfs_ap_query_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_query_file(3), vxfs_ap_query_fs(3), vxfs_vol_add(3), vxfs_vol_deencapsulate(3), vxfs_vol_encapsulate(3), vxfs_vol_remove(3), vxfs_vol_resize(3), vxfs_vol_stat(3)

VxFS 5.1 SP1 vxfs_vol_enumerate (3)