vxdiskconfig (1M)


vxdiskconfig - configure disk devices and bring them under VxVM control




vxdiskconfig scans and configures any new disk devices that are attached to the host, disk devices that became online, or fibre channel devices that were zoned to host bus adapters connected to this host.

The command calls platform-specific interfaces to configure new hardware disk devices so that the operating system can see them, and scans any new disks that were newly added since VxVM’s configuration daemon was last started. In this manner, disks can be dynamically configured to the system and then recognized by VxVM in Volume Manager view.

vxdiskconfig should be used whenever any disks are physically connected to the host or when fibre channel devices are zoned to the host.


As this command calls vxdctl enable, it causes rebuilding of the volume device node directories and rebuilding of the DMP internal database to reflect the new state of the system.


cfgmgr(1M), vxdctl(1M)

VxVM 4.0 vxdiskconfig (1M)