vxesd (1M)


vxesd - Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) event source daemon




The event source daemon (vxesd) registers with various sources of device-related events on the system. When vxesd receives notification of these events, it takes the appropriate actions. The vxesd also obtains information about the Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN configuration for DMP.

The vxesd registers to the following event sources:
o Fabric events from Fibre Channel SAN
vxesd uses the SNIA HBA API library to obtain information about the Fibre Channel SAN and to register for event notifications from SAN that reach the HBA. On receiving a SAN disruption notification, vxesd notifies DMP about a likely failure in the affected part of the SAN.
Use the dmp_monitor_fabric tunable parameter to turn on or off the vxesd functionality to monitor fabric events.
o Events from the DMP driver.
vxesd also registers for notifications from the DMP driver. On receiving these notifications, it logs these events with the exact time stamps in a circular log file. The log files are located at /var/adm/vx/dmpevents.log.*
By default, VxVM starts vxesd at boot time. To stop the vxesd daemon, use the vxddladm utility:

vxddladm stop eventsource

To start the vxesd daemon, use the vxddladm utility:

vxddladm start eventsource [logfile=logfilename]

The vxesd daemon is started with the current values of dmp_monitor_fabric and dmp_monitor_osevent tunables. When these tunables are changed, the vxesd daemon is restarted with the changed values.




vxconfigd(1m), vxddladm(1m), vxdmpadm(1m), Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing Administrator’s Guide

VxVM 5.1 vxesd (1M)