vxlicense (1M)


vxlicense - Veritas licensing key utility


The Veritas licensing key utility, vxlicense, in the VRTSlic package has been replaced in this release by the vxlicinst, vxlicrep and vxlictest utilities in the VRTSvlic package:
o vxlicinst replaces vxlicense -c usage for creating a license file.
o vxlicrep replaces vxlicense -p usage for displaying available Veritas licenses.
o vxlictest replaces vxlicense -t usage for testing a Veritas license.

See the appropriate manual page for a description of each command.


vxlicinst(1), vxlicrep(1), vxlictest(1)

VxVM 4.0 vxlicense (1M)