Replacing a host bus adapter

This section describes replacing an online host bus adapter (HBA) when DMP is managing multi-pathing in a Storage Foundation Cluster File System (SFCFS) cluster. The HBA World Wide Port Name (WWPN) changes when the HBA is replaced. Following are the prerequisites to replace an online host bus adapter:

To replace an online host bus adapter

  1. Identify the HBA and its WWPN(s), which you want to replace.

    Determine the hardware path or paths to be disabled on one of the nodes, which has a hotplug capability.

    # vxdmpadm getctlr all
    LNAME     PNAME                          VENDOR     CTLR-ID
    c3        0/1/1/1.0x2                    -          -
    c2        0/1/1/0.0x0                    -          -
    c16       0/3/1/0.0x50060e8004278356     -          -
    c18       0/4/1/0.0x50060e8004278366     -          -
    c15       0/2/1/0.0x50060e8004278346     -          -
    c13       0/4/1/1.0x50060e8004278376     -          -

    A single HBA may show as multiple controllers (c#) in the vxdmpadm getctlr output. To replace the HBA, you must disable each of these controllers in step 3 and enable each of them in step 10.

  2. Ensure that you have a compatible spare HBA for hot-swap.

  3. Stop the I/O operations on the HBA port(s) and disable the DMP subpath(s) for the HBA that you want to replace.

    # vxdmpadm disable ctrl=ctrl#

    For example:

    # vxdmpadm disable ctlr=c16
  4. Prepare to replace the HBA:

    # /usr/bin/olrad -r slot_ID      

    The above command performs a Critical Resource Analysis (CRA).

  5. Replace the HBA with a new compatible HBA of similar type in the same slot.

  6. Bring the replaced HBA back into the configuration. Enter the following:

    # /usr/bin/olrad -q
  7. Enter the following command after you replace the HBA:

    # /usr/bin/olrad -R slot_ID 
  8. Verify the success of the operation. The slot power should be ON, driver is OLAR capable, and so on.

    # /usr/bin/olrad -q slot_ID
  9. Perform an operating system device scan to re-discover the LUNs. Enter the following:

    # ioscan -fn

  10. Enable the controller in VxVM

    # vxdmpadm enable ctlr=ctrl#

    For example:

    # vxdmpadm enable ctlr=c16
  11. Verify if I/O operations are scheduled on that path. If I/O operations are running correctly on all paths, the dynamic HBA replacement operation is complete.