Changing plex attributes


To avoid possible data loss, change plex attributes with extreme care.

The vxedit command changes the attributes of plexes and other Volume Manager objects. To change plex attributes, use the following command:

# vxedit [-g diskgroup] set attribute=value ... plex

Plex fields that can be changed using the vxedit command include:

The following example command sets the comment field, and also sets tutil2 to indicate that the subdisk is in use:

# vxedit -g mydg set comment="plex comment" tutil2="u" vol01-02

To prevent a particular plex from being associated with a volume, set the putil0 field to a non-null string, as shown in the following command:

# vxedit -g mydg set putil0="DO-NOT-USE" vol01-02

See the vxedit(1M) manual page.