Creating a volume on any disk

By default, the vxassist make command creates a concatenated volume that uses one or more sections of disk space. On a fragmented disk, this allows you to put together a volume larger than any individual section of free disk space available.

To change the default layout, edit the definition of the layout attribute defined in the /etc/default/vxassist file.

If there is not enough space on a single disk, vxassist creates a spanned volume. A spanned volume is a concatenated volume with sections of disk space spread across more than one disk. A spanned volume can be larger than any disk on a system, since it takes space from more than one disk.

To create a concatenated, default volume, use the following form of the vxassist command:

# vxassist [-b] [-g diskgroup] make volume length

Specify the -b option if you want to make the volume immediately available for use.

For example, to create the concatenated volume voldefault with a length of 10 gigabytes in the default disk group:

# vxassist -b make voldefault 10g

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